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How to hack Sims Mobile for Simcash

por Antonio Silva (2018-04-14)

Here we collect all the bugs and known issues around The Sims Mobile. Some problems, however, are solvable and therefore not real, others cannot be fixed unfortunately, so that the developers there have to add a patch.

No bug / problem: double bed is locked
If you wonder why the double bed is locked (eg bed time), then we have the solution here, because this is not a bug:

The Sims Mobile: Double bed bed time locked - no Techtelmechtel possible

Problem 1: My sim does not want to work anymore (career history is not working anymore - no shift)
This is really annoying and there is no solution here - unfortunately. At some point in the course of the game of The Sims Mobile, it may happen that a sim does not want to work anymore - well, a job denier. If you go to his job, the icon has already disappeared, you type, for example, on the object, about what you could start a shift so far, there are only a few tasks. It occurred to me after I had organized a party.

Now, the Sim can no longer continue his career. This bug would probably have to be fixed by the developers. When this happens, we do not know.

SOLUTION : As a player, you now have the following options. The Sim, who can not be sent to shift anymore (it does not help to change the job anyway), just start a hobby career. This also brings in Simoleons and continues to work. Alternatively, as soon as you reach level 16 and thus have the retirement enabled, you are able to retire the Sim (according to our findings, the message for it appears after about 8 regular days, if you play with it daily and all features unlock).

Problem 2: The to-do list does not reset itself
If you have completed all tasks on the to-do list, this would have to reset the next day and it starts all over again. For some Sims Mobile Hacks for android players, however, this remains 100% complete and does not restart the next day.

SOLUTION : Unfortunately there is no solution for this, the developers have to fix this.

Problem 3: Strange Sims do not leave the house
If you have a party, many Sims are in the house. But sometimes a Sims come here too. Especially annoying when they are in the bathroom or bedroom and so some actions are blocked because the hack sims mobile Sims want to be alone. The problem is that you can not drive away the Sims or ask to leave.

SOLUTION : There is no known option for this. Strange Sims have to leave the house by themselves, this is not possible. Let's hope for an update to make this possible in the future.

So you report a mistake to the developers
In the app, tap the arrow on the right. Then on the last point, a kind of gear. At the top right you will find "Help & About". Then tap on Help and below you will find a green button Contact. You can report an error about this!

More bugs and problems with Sims Mobile
Does not something work for you? Then simply sign Sims Mobile Cheats for simoleans up in the comments. It does not always have to be a bug or a problem, because sometimes it is up to the operation of the app.