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por leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-25)

DWTS halloween costumes outlet SEASON 21: WEEK 3 COSTUME CRITIQUE I enjoyed the varied themes for this week's Dancing with the Stars, as I'm enjoying all the Dance Team and Show Choir costumes that we are working on here, at our shop this season. Next week on DWTS I will be expecting a little more basic ballroom, don't you think?

lingerie manufacturer china Hayes and Emma danced a Jive, with Hayes dressed as a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" character – very well done in fact, with Emma in thankfully a coordinating yellow ‘onesie' with lots of beaded fringe and rhinestones, and green rhinestoned bra with a turtle shell motif. Both their costumes were expertly done, fit their theme and were enjoyable to watch. This season at Satin Stitches, we are already working to create similar costumes for a High School Dance Team. 20+ Ninja Turtles are already in the works here, at Satin Stitches!

This underwear manufacturer china week's theme was "Favorite TV Theme Songs" so we were treated to a vast array of costuming, after we were treated to the Pro ladies in their colorful semi-space-aged leotards. They all had the same exact style with different bright colors. I really liked these costumes – a very unique sort of cage was created for the ‘skirt'!

The TV themed costumes were definitely ‘hit or miss' with one exceptionally beautiful, classic, and sophisticated Downton Abby presentation, worn by Nick and Sharna. I rated this couple costume a 10. I admit to not really recognizing Nick with his slicked back ‘do prior to his dance, but he was so dapper in his traditional, tuxedo-tailed ensemble. A touch of black bedazzlement accented his coat collar. Historically correct for the Downton Abby's timeframe, Sharna was oh-so-lovely in her draped long beige gown with fabulous ‘texture' of both a matte crepe and shiny satin gown with lots of ruching, adorned with pearls and sequined and beaded appliques. The cut of her bodice – deep to her waist, with wide shoulders was beautiful and very flattering for their Viennese Waltz.

Otherwise in show order, Carlos and Whitney sported ‘old' costumes, dancing a Jazz routine to "The Golden Girls" theme song. They wore what I would consider ‘street apparel' with the exception of lots of rhinestoning added to the colorful print of Whitney's dress. Carlos gray hair, along with his geometric sweater and basic khaki trousers certainly downplayed his usual energetic, youthful and sexy self. Ho-hum costumes for a ho-hum theme.

Paula and Louis danced the Samba as "The Millionaire and his Wife" from "Gillian's Island" in another set of ‘street apparel' with a little bit more shine than if worn on the street. Paula's charmeuse, ruffled mini-dot peplum dress with deep skirt slit was very attractive on her, and adding an ascot to Louis' sweater ensemble added that touch of ‘costume' to their outfits.

Tamar and Val danced a "Mad Men" Tango with Val in a very dapper 1960's slim plaid suit with skinny tie. The ‘ballroom-cut sleeves' were added, but otherwise he could step out today in his look. Tamar's hot red floor-length dress had a hint of the 1960's with her rhinestoned lace bodice with nearly to the elbow-cut sleeves, and slightly gathered to her natural waistline, very tailored, plain red satin skirt. I don't think anyone would blink an eye if Tamar wore her gown out today, as it looked current, albeit in a modest way.

Alexa and Mark danced an incredible Jazz routine to "Breaking Bad" in bright yellow lab jumpsuits and gas masks. As a costume design, it was my least favorite look this week, but for their theme, it totally worked.

Then a beautiful, fun themed for the 1950's/1960's costumes were sported by Andy and Allison, while they danced the Quick Step to the "American Bandstand" theme song. I admit…this television show was a big favorite of mine, and perhaps where I first got my appreciation for watching dancing. I, along with many others from ‘my era', learned current dance steps (and saw the latest fashions) by watching this show. Alison's magenta dress, complete with petticoat showcased the modest silhouette of that era. Andy's ‘loud' green plaid with lots of rhinestones and his accessories made his ensemble a fabulous costume! And yes, he would be too ‘loud' to wear his ensemble ‘out and about' today!

Gary and Anna danced a Tango in their "Adam's Family" costumes. Gary was a dapper Gomez in his iconic striped, double-breasted suit and pencil mustache. Anna's gown was definitely a Mortica design, but it was very classy with wispy black feathers dangling from her wrists and adorning the lower section of her black mermaid gown. With her deep front neckline (classy on a natural, small bosomed woman) and black mesh/open back, her look was classy and sophisticated.

Another exquisite Tango couple-costumes were worn by Alek and Lindsay for their "True Blood" performance. I LOVED Alek's manly black leather jacket with quilted sleeve detail and upturned red leather lapels. Paired with his black matte trousers and shirt, he was a vivacious vampire. Lindsay wore a very sexy, sultry red and black costume. The bodice was a very strappy, scant sheer lace and mesh lingerie garment with an asymmetrical black over-dress with studding trim – a very feminine/masculine combination.

We weren't able to see Kim perform with Tony to the "I Dream of Jeannie" theme song, but we did get to see Pro dancer-Jenna perform the Samba in her place. Tony wore a convincing military uniform with some rhinestone studding and Jenna wore a good copy of the iconic no-bellybutton-baring harem-panted Jeannie costume. Her costume was pretty, but Jenna could not fill Kim's cups, so thankfully the costume was tailored just for her!

Bindi and Derek danced a very lively Quick Step to the theme from "The Jeffersons" with Derek in the quintessential brown plaid (wide lapelled) 1970's era leisure-like suit with plain trousers and a very wide tie. Bindi wore a 1970's orange disco halter topped costume with a tied sash and a print skirt, all with lots of rhinestones. She could have worn her outfit to any dance competition without holding to the retro theme. I enjoyed their costumes on two levels…they were attractive (OK, maybe the 70's jacket not so much!) and they brought back my retro memories!