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por leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-25)

DWTS long gown dress Season 15: Week 5 Costume Critique At Satin Stitches, that is what we do – create flattering costumes for ALL the sizes and shapes on a dance/cheer team, especially for high school teams where body image is so important.For Team ‘Gangnam Style', I enjoyed the matching, brightly colored suits with the matching hair and sunglasses. I did NOT enjoy when they stripped down to various costumes and underwear. Really? Gilles in his tighty-whities with just a towel to cover, which then came off? Despite Gilles looking lovely…it was disappointing as far as the quality of costuming for this dance routine!This blog is on the short, skimpy side this week – we are just too busy, here at Satin Stitches, as we are in the middle of our 3 busiest delivery months of our year! We are all working overtime to make everyone's dream delivery dates come true!

Guilty Pleasures swimwear manufacturer Week on Dancing With the Stars! I think watching this show is probably one of my top guilty pleasures, how about you? And trashing Brooke when she wears a horrible dress – the BEST! Oh my goodness – what was that homage to Beetlejuice or Jail House Rock or just plain BAD DESIGN, that she wore Monday night? That was a hideous design. (She looked great on Tuesday night, however!)

The two perfect dance costumes this week, were worn costume manufacturer by Shawn and Kirstie! Shawn looked incredibly sexy and classy in her white, draped chiffon Rumba costume. Especially when you aren't stick thin, you need to be careful with any draping – to not add width to your silhouette. Her lace trimmed, sheer middle-connect leotard with open back and a narrow jeweled waist-belt, was very flattering, and the draping did NOT add width to her silhouette. Excellent design!

Kirstie's beautiful Quick Step gown enhanced her upper bodice and slithered over her torso. The long sleeves, real straps (with sheer lace upper-cups on her bodice) was very flattering. The gored gown had lots of volume at her hemline and this was accented with fabulous feathers. The minimal color-on-color rhinestoning was classy, and her perfect accessory? – Maks, of course, in his black tight-fitting polo shirt and trousers!

Melissa in her silver Tango dress and Karina in her red lace and charmeuse, short and simple Samba costume were nearly perfect. ‘Tastefully nude' is how I describe Melissa's dress with all the rhinestoning and then the large chunky jewels accenting her scoop neckline. Karina was tastefully NOT nude looking – with her slip-like dress with real straps and thick horse-hair enhanced banding at her hemline. Bravo for both.I was disappointed with Kelly's black leather-ette Samba costume – it just seemed too boringfor my taste. And Peta's too-naked Rumba costume – with the sheer drape only partially covering a nude bra, was not attractive. I liked Cheryl's skimpy Samba dress (although with plenty of nude-toned mesh) but it didn't seem to match Emmitt's full red ensemble. But the most disappointing costume was Sabrina's ‘Cinderella' Waltz gown. If you looked closely, the bodice didn't fit. The seamed cups didn't hit under her bustline, and didn't huge her bosoms. There wasn't enough embellishment (did the costume department run out of rhinestones???). The top draped skirt seemed skimpy and not luxurious. In my imagination, Cinderella' fairy godmothers created a truly spectacular gown for her, and Sabrina looked like she was wearing a cheap Halloween costume, not an elegant ‘princess' dress.

Although I mostly enjoyed the team dances, I didn't totally enjoy the costuming. Team ‘Call Me, Maybe' dressed in cheerleader/football costumes. Maybe they should have called ME, on this one. I wasn't sure why the boy's supposed football jerseys didn't match, color-wise, to the girl's outfits. The padding on the boy's pants could have been more realistic, and the football jerseys just didn't look like football jerseys.

But the most disappointing, were the girl's outfits which showed off the thin girl's figures, but I think it was a total disservice to the ‘regular-sized' girl's to put them in costumes that didn't flatter them. The box-pleated skirts cut to their natural waistlines, emphasized that they were thicker than Melissa and Karina. The construction of the box-pleated cheer skirts also stretched too tight at the top of the pleats. This was not a good look. Our Satin Stitches' box-pleated cheer skirt patterns do NOT do this. What would have been a better choice? Since the boy's all had the exact outfit on, why not have the girl's all in the same outfit, as well? And then design the outfit to flatter Sabrina and Shawn. There was no need for the extreme bare midriffs on Melissa and Karina. It just emphasized that two girls were thin, and two girls were not.