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Types of Teeth Whitening

por agreeninter Hu (2018-04-24)

Mankind has always striven for beauty. Apparently, this was a reason for dentists to invent effective and safe tools for teeth whitening which is a kind of dental equipment for sale used in the teeth treatment. The first case of teeth whitening took place at the end of the 19th century. The basic component that was used in this procedure was hydrogen peroxide. Then was invented whitening using light emitting technologies. Very soon, the developers started researching the possibilities of home whitening. The search for an ideal solution does not stop today. Ways of teeth whitening in modern dentistry are astonishingly varied inexperienced person cannot understand all peculiarities of whitening, despite the abundance of information about it in Internet. Here are 3 main types of teeth whitening.
Photo whitening. This is one of the popular methods of teeth whitening. And it is used the external influence of light. And here, we use the teeth whitening machine for sale to do this step. Doctor insulates and protects the lips, gums, and soft tissue of the oral cavity of the patient. Then applied special mixture, which is activated using special light.
Laser teeth whitening. For a teeth whitening can be used also infrared and laser radiation. One of the advantages of such whitening - high speed of getting results. And really it's a real breakthrough in dentistry. Whitening effect from 6 to 10 tones, which has no negative effect on tooth enamel and is produced by the pigment removal using atomic oxygen. The entire treatment process takes less than 1 hour, and after the procedure is applied special fluorine-containing ointment to support the teeth - and your smile is snow-white!
Home teeth whitening. The popularity of this method continually grows. The doctor makes a mould of the teeth, which is used to create a form that is suitable only for your teeth. A patient receives these forms (for the upper and lower jaw) and a whitening gel. Every night for 3-4 weeks, the patient should wear a form with gel. After a full course of the treatment, it is possible to achieve significant results.
And there also have some led lights work alongside a tooth-whitening agent. The light will not change the color of your teeth if used alone. However, it acts as a catalyst to speed up the reactions when used with a whitening agent. The agent is commonly hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which are both active ingredients. Carbamide peroxide, for example, is a slow-acting bleach that when applied to teeth will react, breaking down into hydrogen peroxide and urea. Urea is a waste product, but the hydrogen peroxide removes superficial stains and deeper discoloration by altering their chemical structure.This kind led tooth whitening has been developed to be safe for home use. The use of an LED light source as opposed to older, UV light sources is much safer. However, bear in mind that it involves putting bleach into your mouth, so it is important to follow the instructions which are specific to each different kit.