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por Zoha Raj (2018-01-17)

Its really more helpful.
Each item that you build will give you one Star. You need to collect 20 Stars to go to the next village. As you have already spent 60,000 Coins to build a house, you will fall short of Coins. So, you need to use the Slot Machine to earn Coins, attack, and raid other villages. There is a timer on the Slot Machine and you can only get 5 Spins in each hour. So, you need to spin carefully on the Slot Machine, and try to earn loads of Coins. Moreover, if you do not check the game each hour, then you will miss on those 5 Spins. So, it is important to log in to the game every hour to avail full benefits or simply use Coin Master Hack to get more spins! Once you have earned the attack icons on the Slot Machine, you can go and attack other players’ villages to gain Coins. For instance, if the first village that you attack is Fred’s village, then by attacking the village, you will be able to earn the number of Coins that are available in the village. Similarly, as you keep progressing you will be able to attack several other players’ villages. The next village that you may come across to attack is Nadia’s village.;u=11333;sa=summary;u=11333;sa=summary;area=summary;u=391180;u=15081