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Frans Audra

Resumo da Biografia Happy birthday images. There are others. Frau Marwitz, fortunately, was different. To this day I have no category for them. Her voice whispered confidently and confidently, her anecdotes whispered past me, leaving oddly colored pictures in front of my mind's eye as I strayed for streaks of her well-groomed hair.

"I admit it was a schnapside," she said, "but I came to my second marriage ... At that time, my husband Horst had pretty much neglected me, we were invited to a party, and I had already moved he suddenly says he has to go back to the office ... Ha, did you think so? "" Well, I had my nose, and poured myself in the pub around the corner behind the bandage as this pretty fellow came in happy birthday pictures. " "I'm going to be a little bit more than I am," he said, "I'm not going to tell you," he said. Do you know what I said? 'Yes,' I said, 'Yes, I'm Jenny.' And I had to wait a while to find out what kind of meeting it was: Was it bizarre an evening party, or was he looking for a woman? "It took me three weeks to clear Ricardo that he was actually marrying me wanted." Happy birthday images.

"And Horst?"

"Oh, Horst, I guess he already had a different one at the time, and we'd divorce. I listened to her fascinated and thought of Klaus, who had just told me again, he needed some "distance". In the plaintext that meant: He had met someone. Petra had already stuck to me that there was a girl named Linda, in the CASINO BAR, where Klaus liked to meet with his colleagues after the end of the evening. Happy birthday images.

"Did you get along with Ricardo?" I asked curiously. Oh no," she waved, "I had a couple of nice years with him, but there was a thing with a signature ... Actually, a trifle, but in any case I have a different orientation and in my apartment in Nice, Bella Italia, it was a good time. I digested this information while I was drying her hair dry. I had always thought Nice was in France. Aha," I said, "Where, you said, was the apartment?" Happy birthday images.

"No, please not so hot," she murmured, with a concentrated look at the mirror. Excuse me. Mrs. Marwitz was very satisfied with the final product. I reached for the photo she had given me. This likeness," I exclaimed, "the lady could be your sister, is she? Almost like twins, is not it?" Mrs. Marwitz smiled happily. In the background a new customer had taken a seat. She looked grumpy and annoyed, always looking at the clock. Just a moment," I shouted, "it will not be long. Happy birthday images.