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Resumo da Biografia Greetings Fiferios Pro Club in Chile! As it has been announced by the VFO (Virtual Football Organization) who will be in charge of the official EA league for the Pro Club game mode, after its success in Spain and expansion in some parts of Europe now have it looks at South America through VPN integration. When a VFO league is established in a country represents the entrance of the professional Clubs to the scene giving rise to a new competitive stage. In the case of Chile for the eventual arrival of VFO we have to prepare some things previously to demonstrate that the Pro Club community in our country is prepared for the next level. For this the first step has been to look for powerful partners and that is why days ago we announced our merger with IVFL Chile of IVFLeSports to jointly be able to carry out the transition season. Transition season This season aims to match schedules and regulations so that the VFO tranfer is the best possible and that there is a solid format for the entry of professional clubs and trademarks. Divisional league with 14 clubs in each division and a cup where all participate. Start: October 23 Play time: 10:30 pm CHI Game Days: Monday (League), Tuesday How to hack fifa ultimate team (League), Wednesday (Cup) Format: League and Cup Teams: Customized, logos and names of official teams can not be used. Use of Any: Required Use of PO: Optional How will the classification for the divisions be free points for fifa 18? The last champions of VPN and IVFL have place secured in 1st division the rest of Clubs will enter to classification. Equipment from IVFL, VPN and new equipment will be divided into groups depending on the number of subscribers how to get free points in FIFA 18 . In this way they will face back and forth all vs all in each group so that finally the first placed have a place in the highest divisions and the others are consecutively assigned to the other divisions fifa 18 free points. Once the number of registered clubs is known, we will give more details about the classification. fifa 18 coin generator to generate free coins